Our packaging

The first impression counts

Not only the actual piece of jewelery counts, its presentation is also part of the magic. This not only applies if you want to give away jewelry from CONTESSA BERLIN. Even if you're shopping for yourself, we want you to be enthusiastic from the first second - after all, you're giving yourself a gift! We deliver our earrings and necklaces in an elegant nude-colored box made of strong, high-quality cardboard with a finely structured surface. This has a pull-out compartment on whose velvety floor the actual piece of jewelry is draped. The unmistakable logo and lettering of Contessa Berlin is printed on the top of the box in fine metallic gold lettering. The box is 85 x 85 x 30 mm and very light.

We send our bracelets to you in a soft gray suede-look jewelry pouch. The bag is printed with the logo and lettering of Contessa Berlin in filigree metallic gold lettering. The fabric of the pouch is of a tightly woven quality with a soft, smooth finish. The jewelery bag can be closed and opened with the high-quality cord, which is woven from sewing thread in the same colour. The approximately 120 x 90 mm small jewelry bag is not only perfect as a gift wrap, but also for later storage of the bracelet.

Our gift packaging