Which birthstone represents which month?

January birthstone

The birthstone for January is Garnet. This comes in many different colors. However, the best known is the deep red garnet. The semi-precious has its name from Latin: "Granatum" means something like "seed" and refers to the similarity to pomegranate seeds.

February birthstone

Amethyst , the birthstone of February, has a long and exciting history. With its purple hue, this quartz stone symbolizes royalty. However, it also comes in many other colors. Even in today's hectic times, the amethyst has lost none of its mysticism.

March birthstone

For those born in March, aquamarine is the birthstone. As the name suggests, aquamarine refers to water or the sea. It is said that he should protect sailors on the open sea. The aquamarine comes as a cool, blue-colored stone.

April birthstone

April holds a very special birthstone: the diamond . It is the classic and is particularly popular as an eye-catcher for engagement rings. The diamond is one of the hardest and most valuable jewels of our time. Its perfect colour, clarity and cut all make the diamond one of the most famous and coveted birthstones in existence.

May birthstone

All the birthday children of the month of May have something to rejoice because they have a beautiful birthstone: the emerald . Its name comes from the Greek "Smargados" and simply means that the green stone has a rich color. According to mythology, the emerald stands for youth, growth and intelligence.

Birthstone June

Summer begins in June. No wonder there are two birthstones vying for attention this month: pearl and alexandrite . Alexandrite is a very rare stone. His color-changing abilities make him unmistakable. In natural daylight it glows green, but in artificial light it transforms its appearance and shows itself in a crimson hue.

July birthstone

The birthstone of July shimmers as red as the Mediterranean sunset: the ruby . Probably the most famous red-colored stone stands for health and wisdom. Its origin belongs to the mineral type "corundum". Aside from diamonds, ruby ​​is the hardest natural gemstone. However, that does not make it any less filigree and delicate.

August birthstone

As the birthstone for the month of August, the periodot was said to have special powers: it should or should protect its owner from nightmares or heal them from them. The periodite is formed very deep in the earth and brought to the surface in different ways. Most often, however, by volcanic eruptions. This alone proves the power of nature inherent in this stone.

September birthstone

Birthday children of September are protected by a very special birthstone: the sapphire . The sapphire has been a symbol of love for centuries. It is said to have been used to aid romance lovers and protect them from harm. Although sapphire is available in a wide range of colors, it is best known in blue to purple color.

October birthstone

Anyone who was born in October knows that this month presents itself in a different light from year to year. This is also reflected in the birthstones: opal and tourmaline . Both stones are among the most beautiful, but also most “untraditional” of all gemstones. In most cases, the tourmaline shimmers in pink. Nevertheless, it has a much broader spectrum to offer: it has been discovered around the world in almost every color of the rainbow.

November birthstone

The birthstones for November are often confused with one another: the topaz and the citrine quartz . The topaz is most commonly associated in shades of orange and pink. But this gemstone offers far more color variations and myriad undertones. It is a truly traditional stone, highly valued since ancient times. The citrine or citrine quartz, on the other hand, is known as a healing stone.

December birthstone

The last month of the year has three birthstones in store: tanzanite , zircon and turquoise. What all three have in common are the truly enchanting, different shades of blue. As much as they are similar in color, they are different in their structures. From Australia to America and of course in Europe, “December birthday children” adorn themselves with these jewels.

What are birthstones?

Each month of the year is traditionally associated with a birthstone. Several stones are also assigned to some months. For example, the birthstone for March is Aquamarine, while those born in October receive Tourmaline as their birthstone. Birthstones originated in Aaron's breastplate, which contained twelve gems. These represented the twelve tribes of Israel. The idea of ​​birthstones is anchored in many traditions, customs and belief systems. The birthstones listed below are grouped by month. CONTESSA BERLIN offers subtlepearl bracelets for women whose birthstone is delicately integrated into the bracelet. Click on your birth month to learn the history of your birthstone.

Jewelery with your birthstone

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