NEW : Your favorite earrings now with the pearls of your choice .

Exactly your style. Exactly your pearls.

Hey, the FJELLSTRAND earrings are extremely popular - both because of the organically designed studs and their large baroque pearls .

But I was also often asked whether the beads weren't also available "one size smaller" ... That 's why I added the two new variants SMALL and MEZZO to the classic (the GRANDE variant).

With these models you also get magnificent baroque pearls - but a little more discreet . What are your favorite pearls ?

NEW : The subtle FALKEVIKA earrings now with the pearls of your choice .

Subtle ear studs with pearls of YOUR choice.

The FALKEVIKA Small are the absolute favorites among the subtle , rather reserved earrings. The combination of small pearls and ear studs with a delicate pearl is simply very elegant.

However, many of my customers have asked for the ear studs with slightly larger or significantly larger pearls . That 's why I now offer them in the two new variants MEZZO and GRANDE.

These models also give you elegant ear studs that are suitable for everyday use - but with slightly or significantly more eye-catching baroque pearls .